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Lara Dolphin, Winter 2017

Lara Dolphin

After “Blessings” by Ronald Wallace

Some days I find myself
making my bed but
not having to lie in it.
I have a leg to stand on.
I have a penny
to my name.

All around me people
are asking what the country
can do for them,
sweating the small stuff,
crying over spilled milk.
Words hurt me.
There’s a will
but no way.

Some days Continue reading “Lara Dolphin, Winter 2017”

Adam Gunther, Winter 2017

Something Just Above Nothing
Adam Gunther

There are two birds in the park,
I couldn’t tell you what kind,
so deliberately they sway back and forth on the branches
and they cackle and sing to one another, like a pair of old friends

And I,
I am left wondering:
what makes those birds first sing out?
I hope it is nothing.

Or rather,
something just above nothing. Continue reading “Adam Gunther, Winter 2017”

John Devers Jr., Winter 2017

The Metamorphosis
John Devers Jr.

I woke up one day
To find I had
A protruding gut
And had aches from sleeping.
23 years of
Fast food, soda, and candy bars
Had finally caught up to me,
Who knew?
So I threw on shorts Continue reading “John Devers Jr., Winter 2017”

Zoë Sîobhan Howarth-Lowe, Winter 2017

Chem Class
Zoë Sîobhan Howarth-Lowe

I giggle into my textbook
watching the chem teacher, intending science,
spell out whimsy
in ancient alchemical symbols
that I have recently learned to read.

I hold court
at back of the classroom,
looking into the futures sewn
into the palms of silly girls,
I smudge the lines— Continue reading “Zoë Sîobhan Howarth-Lowe, Winter 2017”

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