#15 Spring•Summer 2018

Release Party

Issue #15 of Word Fountain was released at a reading party on Thursday evening, May 31st at 6:00 pm at the Osterhout Free Library, 71 South Franklin street in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. Four of our contributors were there along with our cover artist Ainslee Golbomb. Fellow editor David J. Bauman also read a few selections from the issue. To view our shaky, Facebook live video of the event, just click here!

We’ll soon start putting together the online version here in a series of posts to promote the print edition.

To Order

As usual, this issue will be available at several Luzerne County Library, and university library locations starting next week. To have a copy shipped to you, please follow this link to our library’s donation page. We ask for just a $5 to $10 donation and we’ll ship one to you anywhere within the continental United States. Just mention, along with your address, in the notes section that the donation is for a current copy of Word Fountain. Thank you!

You can also ask for past issues while they last.

If you prefer, send a check payable to the Osterhout Free Library, and request issues of Word Fountain, by mailing to:

Osterhout Free Library
71 South Franklin Street
Wilkes-Barre, PA 18701

In NEPA you can pick up the new issue in person for free at one of the Osterhout Free Library‘s branches or one of the following libraries:

Hazleton Area Public Library
The Hoyt Library in Kingston
Pittston Memorial Library
West Pittston Library
E. S. Farley Library at Wilkes University
D. Leonard Corgan Library at King’s College.

Featured post

Janet Locke, Two Poems

Janet Locke

The microwave clock
tells me I’m running late,
even though it runs slow.

So also say my cell phone,
my watch, and my wall clock.

A good friend was late for
everything, and she was perfect Continue reading “Janet Locke, Two Poems”

Michael T. Young, Evidence of Things Unseen

Evidence of Things Unseen
Michael T. Young

At first a scratch behind the wall.
Swelling pipes? Then
streamers of insulation
behind the toilet, frayed
carpet threads near baseboard molding.

Refresh the traps, clean out
the old peanut butter bait,
green and hard in the bowls.

Rats take days to grow comfortable
with changes in the room.
But on a rainy night,
when there’s little to feed on, a snap
in the dark. In the morning, I find
the limp, mud-colored
body of our suspicions.

There’s relief, an easing of defenses, Continue reading “Michael T. Young, Evidence of Things Unseen”

Steven Concert, Sunset at Times Square

Sunset At Times Square
A Villanelle
Steven Concert

Reflecting in the setting sun,
mannequins in quiet repose
while bodies crash in unison.

So hurriedly the people run
to destinations no one knows.
Reflecting in the setting sun,

where elegance is mixed with fun,
white limousines in lengthy rows
while bodies crash in unison.

Where gridlock fights the engine’s gun,
the burning fuel assaults the nose.
Reflecting in the setting sun,

the city rhythms beat as one.
Broadway shines, its radiance grows
while bodies crash in unison. Continue reading “Steven Concert, Sunset at Times Square”

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