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Jan Chronister, Spring•Summer 2017

Hunting Season
Jan Chronister

An orange fist sticks out of a bureau drawer
catches my eye, a square of Mother’s black and many-colored
afghan we brought back from Florida last winter
along with quilts, costume jewelry and ceramics—
politely accepted, stored away in darkness, forgotten.

Glow of neon yarn on November morning
reminds me Ruby will never
crochet or stitch again
dress for church
paint another plate.

The hunter will find Continue reading “Jan Chronister, Spring•Summer 2017”

Philip Athans, Spring•Summer 2017

Just Exactly Like
Philip Athans

“What’s this?” she said after she’d crossed right in front of him.

He didn’t really think she wanted to know the name of the movie she’d momentarily interrupted but still he said, “The Vampire Bat.”

There was, of course, no reaction, just the sound of her opening a cabinet in the kitchen then the refrigerator. Continue reading “Philip Athans, Spring•Summer 2017”

Sarah Bigham, Spring•Summer 2017

Of Lifeless Equivalencies
Sarah Bigham

The first was made
without sugar,

an error of haste or
stress or


Instead, a slab entombed in thinly
ridged metal,

anemic cardboard, and
impenetrable plastic:


for a celebration not
my own.

I do not want Continue reading “Sarah Bigham, Spring•Summer 2017”

Micah Bauman, Spring•Summer 2017

A Shorting
Micah James Bauman

I have a shorting
in my heart
not a longing as some say

I have been living
a tiny thin truth
and by no shrink
of the imagination
can I explain it Continue reading “Micah Bauman, Spring•Summer 2017”

David Chin, Spring•Summer 2017

Gustav Vigeland’s Sculpture Garden, 1965
David Chin

Vigeland’s subject was the nude, what we are
without the trappings without the social uniform.
Atop the garden’s 56-foot-tall central monolith,
composed entirely of bodies, pressing and pushing, Continue reading “David Chin, Spring•Summer 2017”

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