K. G. Newman, Consequences of Detatchment

Consequences of Detachment
K. G. Newman

Dinos didn’t read,
and now they’re extinct.

Imagine yourself
as the Bachelor, stoned
the entire show.

The inability to speak,
text or even email Continue reading “K. G. Newman, Consequences of Detatchment”

Francine Witte, Accident

Francine Witte

Stella was in the driver’s seat when the car just took over. She tried with all her strength to turn left, to avoid the parked red Chevy, but the car turned right and slammed into it.

Of course, Stella thought of the Twilight Zone. Of course, she smelled her own breath.

But she was sober, and this was real, real life. Continue reading “Francine Witte, Accident”

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