David Athey, Winter 2017

Summer Dusk
David Athey

Summer dusk in Minnesota seemed like it would last until midnight, as if Alaska were just around the corner, and we often pretended that we were Eskimos and the small green lawn was open water between glaciers, and we sat in a wrecked canoe behind my dad’s shed, whispering about killer whales and killer storms and killer invaders from the unknown; and when Todd’s mom opened the door of their trailer to call him home, Continue reading “David Athey, Winter 2017”

Lara Dolphin, Winter 2017

Lara Dolphin

After “Blessings” by Ronald Wallace

Some days I find myself
making my bed but
not having to lie in it.
I have a leg to stand on.
I have a penny
to my name.

All around me people
are asking what the country
can do for them,
sweating the small stuff,
Continue reading “Lara Dolphin, Winter 2017”

Daniel Edward Moore, Winter 2017

The Origin of Trouble
Daniel Edward Moore

Memory can always be something more
if reality doesn’t stand a chance:
a hooker dressed up like a Franciscan nun
feeding bread to the pigeons and poor.

Going there daily in my habit of relief,
dragging the past like a rosary chain
used to pull truckers from ditches of despair,
from beds gone Arctic and wives gone AWOL.

Maybe this is the origin of trouble— Continue reading “Daniel Edward Moore, Winter 2017”

E. A. Feliu, Winter 2017

Monday Morning
E. A. Feliu

Head mired in mud,
swaddled in swamp moss.
Atrazine mouth,
throat itching
like a country mouse.
Tongue slithers in sand.
The day assumes the tone
of a metronome.
In fits and starts,
the week lurches forward
like a musket ball

shunting deer heart.

E.A. Feliu is an author, artist and journalist in San Diego, California. He is the author of Postcards from the Tattooed Man’s Chest.

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