Lara Dolphin, Winter 2017

Lara Dolphin

After “Blessings” by Ronald Wallace

Some days I find myself
making my bed but
not having to lie in it.
I have a leg to stand on.
I have a penny
to my name.

All around me people
are asking what the country
can do for them,
sweating the small stuff,
crying over spilled milk.
Words hurt me.
There’s a will
but no way.

Some days
a good man is easy to find.
Presence makes the heart grow fonder.
Love means having to say you’re sorry.
Love sees clearly.
Love comes when you expect it.

Some days
the ink is dry.
The dust has settled.
Your ship is in.
There is a time like the present.
You can put the toothpaste
back in the tube.
You can get there from here.

Lara Dolphin is a chocolate addict, slacktivist and determined dreamer. As a recovering attorney, pre-PA student and full-time mother of four, she divides her time between looking for lost Legos and breaking up pool-noodle-related combat. She’s never been a billionaire but thinks that she would be great at it.


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