Raymond Cummings, Spring•Summer, 2017

The Animating Spark
Raymond Cummings

When you turned away the sky fell apart for
just a moment before collecting itself. Doves
quit the refuge of Banaba boughs. Monarchs
descended into a yellow haze of irises and
lilacs. Fireflies slashed out like distant stars.

Jazz & Classical
Raymond Cummings

Here my recorder bore the brunt of the wind.
Night fell debased in chyrons. I’m much more
invested in a casual blues idiom, in melody,
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Raymond Cummings, Summer 2016

Two Poems

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Raymond Cummings

A family of robins cuddles in a nest,
hatchlings nestled, timid, beneath a
mother’s wings. Reflexively, the
smallest bird rolls a white eye as if
watching you dream around him.


Raymond Cummings

Poised and trembling before a starry Alaskan
Plane, I hunt every word. They melt like wax
seals, felled at your bare feet, provocatively arrayed:
a shrine of faith. At a touch the barrette snaps
and long, black hair spills free. Around your
middle you wrap my arms like a sash; dreaming,
we sway in the half-light of a honeymoon suite.

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