Two Poems

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Raymond Cummings

A family of robins cuddles in a nest,
hatchlings nestled, timid, beneath a
mother’s wings. Reflexively, the
smallest bird rolls a white eye as if
watching you dream around him.


Raymond Cummings

Poised and trembling before a starry Alaskan
Plane, I hunt every word. They melt like wax
seals, felled at your bare feet, provocatively arrayed:
a shrine of faith. At a touch the barrette snaps
and long, black hair spills free. Around your
middle you wrap my arms like a sash; dreaming,
we sway in the half-light of a honeymoon suite.

Raymond Cummings resides in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. He is the author of several books including Assembling the Lord, Crucial Sprawl, Class Notes, Notes on Idol, and Vigilante Fluxus. His writing has appeared in SPIN, Pitchfork, Deadspin, Splice Today, and the Baltimore City Paper. Bricolage Bop, his next collection of poetry, will be published independently in 2017.