Sharlene Gilman, Summer 2016

Two Poems

Dear Fractal Me, 14, 28, 42, 56, maybe 70 (Growing Up True and False)
Sharlene Gilman

I’m here from the future only temporarily present. I tell you
Only half believe when they say “be yourself” — no
one really cares if you are yourself or anyone else or not, the best
reason, therefore to care about yourself since no one else
does. Only half believe when they say “something
to fall back on.” True, Falling is a law of the universe, though falling
forward & sideways can be true as much as back. Words will
not hurt, you’ve been told. False: though words hurt not
as much as they will if you believe them or when
you want someone not to. Return then to Rule
One: Be yourself but in half-belief, so respect Continue reading “Sharlene Gilman, Summer 2016”

Dawn Leas, Summer 2016

Two Poems

Manual Labor
Dawn Leas

A half-moon huddle of guys
in front of used tire shop–
grease-rimmed nails, calloused hands,
jeans riding low t-shirts bearing the brunt
of their work. Cigarettes pinched
between middle fingers and thumbs,
they alternate between long drags
and swigs of fresh coffee
from extra-large Styrofoam cups.

Driving to my desk job
in the simmer of summer
air chilling my bare arms,
I vow to one day roll down
the windows and linger at stop sign Continue reading “Dawn Leas, Summer 2016”

Ed McCafferty, Summer 2016

Two poems

Ed McCafferty

We usually walked everywhere,
but that day burned into us
with a bright chrome yellow,
and my father was on edge
so we rode the Forty Fort bus.
The bus was hot and crowded
and its motion caused me to vomit.
My father tried to clean it up
with his handkerchief,
like gathering in a sunflower
which had fallen
in the thick stale air.

A coal miner, standing
in the aisle while riding
home from his shift,
his face and work clothes dark
with coal dust and looking
like a statue of some saint Continue reading “Ed McCafferty, Summer 2016”

Even More About Our Contributors

The Summer 2016 Release Party for Word Fountain is this Friday at the Osterhout Free Library in downtown Wilkes-Barre, PA. We are thrilled that writers who have contributed their fine work to this project are coming from far and near to attend. We won’t get the chance to share info about every author before the issue is printed, but we did want to give at least one more sneak peek Continue reading “Even More About Our Contributors”

Brian Fanelli

all-that-remainsIn March the Osterhout Free Library was fortunate to once again host a poetry workshop with Brian Fanelli, and we’re proud to report that two new poems by Brian will be in this summer’s issue of Word Fountain!

Brian’s third book of poems, Waiting for the Dead to Speak, will be coming out later this year from New York Quarterly Books.  Continue reading “Brian Fanelli”

Release Party on June 17th

Cover art for the upcoming edition of Word Fountain
Cover art for the upcoming edition of Word Fountain

It’s official, the relaunch of Word Fountain is under way! Friday June 17th will be the party date at our home base, the Osterhout Free Library on South Franklin Street in Wilkes-Barre, PA. The time will be at 7:00 pm. We will have several contributors there at the event to read from the new issue. Continue reading “Release Party on June 17th”

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