Winter Issue Update

Making Decisions

The editing team has been very busy reading for the winter issue, and boy did you give us a lot of great stuff to digest. Thank you! In fact, we received more than double the number of submissions we got for the summer volume, so we’re taking a bit longer than expected. It’s important to us to give all your work a fair read through, so if you haven’t heard from us yet, please hang in there. It could take another two to three weeks. The issue is slated to go to print probably before Christmas, so we’re still on target. We’ll be limiting ourselves again to 40 to 50 pages, which makes for some agonizing decisions.

Oh, and to whet your appetite for winter, the above photo highlights the next issue’s cover art by WF editor, Ainslee Golomb, as seen on David’s desktop.

Future Updates

We’ve been sharing news via social media, but look for more information coming your way here on too. It’s been exciting to help promote contributors who are releasing new books, holding readings, or working on other various projects. If we’ve published your work and you have some news you’d like to share, just let us know. We’d be happy to give you a plug.

You can check out our Facebook page, our Twitter, or Tumblr, depending on your social media tastes or addictions.

New In the Next Issue

In other exciting news, we’re looking forward to providing complimentary¬†content to our print versions in future online editions of Word Fountain. Some of our writers will be providing us with a little extra in for the form of audio, video, or imagery in coming months. So keep tuned in and we’ll let you know when the new issue is out, and how you can get your hands on a hard copy. A short time later we’ll start sharing the content online in pieces, like we did last time, until the whole magazine is available here.

Meanwhile, there are only a few copies left of Issue #11, Summer 2016, so head over to our About page if you’d like to get one for yourself. Of course, you can also view the online version and download a PDF by clicking on Current Issue.


2 thoughts on “Winter Issue Update

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    1. Priestley will always be my “home” library. I miss you guys so bad! But, yes indeedy, I am enjoying what I’m doing here. The tiny library branch and the opportunity to head up the return of a fine little lit mag. I’m a pretty happy toad in the NEPA pond.
      And, honest, I do write better metaphors than that!

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