Steve Flannery, Winter 2017

Droning On
Steve Flannery

All the drones service the queen,
while the workers do all the work.
All the humans tax the honey
at a hundred percent its worth.

A dime is dropped through silver
to save you from yourself.
Ten cents can buy your silence,
but really nothing else.

In a world that walks all hunchbacked,
straight crippled from the sun,
I just might crawl through proudly,
on my belly, with no gun.

But while the workers keep on working,
the drones now take orders by remote,
to leave the proud queen sinking,
on her throne that just won’t float.

Steve Flannery (a.k.a. singer/song-writer Zayre Mountain) Having grown up in a family of eight children, Mr. Flannery finds peace and solace in the madness of a full house—aces over kings, preferably. He now lives peacefully in Forty-Fort, Pennsylvania with his wife, two children, two dogs, two cats, and one hamster. Stephen lives in the moment, not for philosophy’s sake, but because science dictates it so. Alas, time travel forsakes us all. For now.


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