Notty Bumbo, Winter 2017

Notty Bumbo

Every loneliness is the first loneliness.
Every pain the deepest pain.
Watching the cypress trees grow twisted
By the wind’s uncaring hand,
We are hard-pressed to rejoice.
Every day another sunrise,
Every night another despair.
Raise the lantern against the world;
What stares back is the face we long for
All the early hours of our lives.

Notty Bumbo is a writer, artist, and poet living in Fort Bragg, California. His many publishing credits include the Amphigoric Sauce Factory, Words Without Walls, Poesis, Telling Our Stories Press, and Calabash Cadence Taisgeadan.  His novella, Tyrian Dreams, is available through Kindle via Amazon Publishing. He has recently been responsible for Questor’s Odyssey, a daily commentary on life as we seldom appreciate it, from the perspective of a Trans-Universal visitor with three green hairs.


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