Marjorie Maddox, Winter 2017

Two Sets of Clerihews by Marjorie Maddox

Literary Clerihews
Marjorie Maddox

has an ear
for lovely sonnets.
He must know phonics!

* * *

Edgar Allan Poe
loves to scare us so
with thumping hearts beneath the floor
and ravens squawking, “Nevermore.”

* * *

Peter Pan
won’t ever be a man.
It’s too much fun to stay
a boy and fly away.

* * *

Greedy Peter Rabbit
has the nasty habit
of always wanting more
carrots from McGregor.

* * *

prince-like fellow
met her through his second trade:
selling shoes to nice young maids.

Historical Clerihews
Marjorie Maddox

Franklin, Ben
thought in the dark and then
went out and flew a kite
and made it light.

* * *

Abraham Lincoln,
when all was said and done,
couldn’t tell a lie
no matter how he’d try.

* * *

Orville and Wilbur Wright
let their dreams take flight,
and then by dreaming more,
they made that airplane soar.

* * *

Babe Ruth
lost a tooth
somewhere between third and home.
If you can’t find it, you’re not alone.

Marjorie Maddox, professor of English at Lock Haven University, has published 11 collections of poetry, most recently True, False, None of the Above (Poiema Poetry Series); Local News from Someplace Else (Wipf and Stock); and Wives’ Tales (Seven Kitchens Press). Her short story collection What She Was Saying will be released in 2017 by Fomite Press. Co-editor with Jerry Wemple of Common Wealth: Contemporary Poets on Pennsylvania (Penn State Press), she also has published two children’s books, with several more forthcoming. (


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  1. Reblogged this on The Dad Poet and commented:

    I recently mentioned having ordered the new chapbook by Marjorie Maddox, Wives’ Tales (Seven Kitchens Press) and I am now enjoying reading her, sometimes dark, takes on old stories legends. For a lighter twist on some characters from history and literature, check out Marjorie’s clerihews in Word Fountain’s Winter issue.

    The magazine will be opening for submissions sooner than usual as we’ll be switching from a summer and winter schedule to spring-summer and fall-winter issues. The new submission window will be from February 24th through March 3rd!


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