Mary Kavanagh, Winter 2017

A Dog’s Life
Mary Kavanagh

My dog likes to play games
Like chase, fetch, and eat the slipper.
There’s another game called “If you go out
Without me I’ll trash your room.”
I keep my door closed, usually.
Recently I forgot and came home to find
My bedroom turned over like burglars had called.
Whoever said “hell hath no fury
Like a woman scorned” never met
A Jack Russell dog with attitude.
Meanwhile I go to work
In boots of tooth-marked leather.

Mary Kavanagh is from Wicklow, a small town in Ireland, where she works as an accounting technician. A keen writer since childhood, she stopped writing for many years and only returned to it a couple of years ago. She loves to write comic pieces and poetry in particular and she also writes travelogues from home and abroad. She recently won the poetry section in a writing competition and her ambition is to publish a volume of poetry—someday!


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