Jeremy Nathan Marks, Spring•Summer 2017

Fold’s Point
Jeremy Nathan Marks

When I was thirteen and we first went to Boston
I met RFK’s silhouette

What the impact was
what that profile meant
introduced a certainty that
I could go on to The Kennedy School
staying true to kismet

My father said get perfect grades
you should never err—

Yes, dad.

But none of it happened;
the tests didn’t ask rhetorical questions
such as

Is it right to hold private what
your public plan


Is want a foot pressed down
like a blindfold

I was merely a teen
and thought I could gain hold
of a disposition

But disposed to further dreaming,
I see the fabric’s fold from the fold’s point
of meaning.

Jeremy Nathan Marks is a writer, teacher, podcaster, and amateur photographer who lives in London, Ontario. His poetry and pictures have appeared in places like Lake, Jewish Literary Journal, Morel Magazine, The Blue Hour, Wildness House Literary Review, Up the Staircase Quarterly, The Hopper, Dove Tales, Electric Windmill Press, Front Porch Review, and Nomadic Press. His poetry will appear in Chiron Review, Muddy River Review, and I-70 Review this year.


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