Marjon van Bruggen, Spring•Summer 2017

Sound Shadows
Marjon van Bruggen

Do you hear
the sound below the sound
of our footsteps?
The wiry black whine
of bluebottles sleeping
or the tiny sudden shock
as thorns emerge on the rose

subtle things,
I tiptoe in its shadows and listen—

the goldfish discussing
the coming contest
the delicate slurp
of drinking fireflies
and the dancing dust
in the center of sunflowers,
against the glint of granite.

Marjon van Bruggen. Marjon says she writes poetry because “I want to understand my thoughts.” Only a few years ago she started to submit her work for publishing, with remarkable success. She participated in contests and was three times shortlisted. She is Dutch born and bred, but has lived the last thirty years in Mallorca, Spain, with her Italian husband. Now seventy-six she spends all her free time writing poetry and participating in various groups and forums. She studied andragology at the University of Amsterdam and followed writing and poetry courses online with the Iowa State University.


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