Erin L. Delaney, Spring•Summer 2017

Coming Back to Bukowski
Erin L. Delaney

Dispirited, I flip through piles of books
looking for something new,
something to bring on some fire.
Instead I stare down Bukowski.

We’ve been introduced before.
I open Dog from Hell’s pages,
readjust the glue,
recover the nonstick binding.

He provokes me,
pours me a glass
of words,
and this drink ignites
my pen to paper—
a drunken admission
a bare-handed back alley boxing match
until I lie on the page bruised and beaten.
And when my glass is empty, my hand
hails this bartender.

I turn the page,
he taps another poem.

From Another Life
Erin L. Delaney

Those dusty keys
left to detune
the lost notes
forgotten chords
soft ivory            rests
tingles the ears and
sharpens the senses
no more.

Erin L. Delaney is a fired-up poetess, professional copywriter, and all-around busy bee. She has published poetry in the Nightshade Press anthology, Down the Doghole: 11 Poets on Northeast Pennsylvania, Luzerne County Transit Authority’s Poetry in Transit program, and with Paper Kite Press. She has read or featured at Cornelia Street Cafe, New Visions Monthly Writers Showcase, Test Pattern, the Misericordia University’s Speaker Series: From Mouth to Mic, and the Scranhattan Festival. Check her out on Instagram @erin.delan or on WordPress at


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